Bluetooth ZIHNIC Headphones Over-Ear: A Must-Read Guide Before You Buy

Bluetooth ZIHNIC Headphones

About this product

(ASTONISHING SOUND PRODUCTION): You can concentrate on what you want to hear by using noise reduction technology, specialized software, and High Definition Stereo ZIHNIC Headphones to keep you from overheating background sounds. Even at the lowest volume settings, let yourself become lost in the immersive music! Our unwavering desire is to deliver exceptional sound quality to our customers.

(MANUFACTURED FOR YOUR COMFORT): Earmuff’s synthetic leather construction ensures long-lasting comfort. They are quite durable and can be folded and stretched to provide you with endless possibilities for the ideal fit. For everyday use, sports, and travel, Zihnic is the ideal option for unisex children, teens, and adults.

Constructed to offer a reliable and swift Bluetooth connection, the feature is called “SEAMLESS BLUETOOTH CONNECTION.” To activate the headphones and put them in ready-to-pair mode, just slide the on/off button. All devices that support Bluetooth or a 3.5mm plug cord can use the wireless headphones! Through the unique noise-reduction technology microphone, you can also take calls and communicate hands-free. All phone models, including the X, 8 Plus, Samsung S9, S8, Huawei, Nexus, and Amazon Alex, are compatible with Bluetooth Headphones.

(ERGONOMIC DESIGN): The premium appearance of the ZIHNIC Headphones is attributed to the construction of the model from incredibly smooth materials. No matter how long you wear the earmuffs and headbands, the incredibly soft memory-protein foam leather adds to optimal comfort. An excellent method of minimizing wear and tear is the protective Premium Case that comes with ZIHNIC Headphones.

(DUAL MODE & LONG BATTERY LIFE): The Bluetooth ZIHNIC Headphones may be recharged. 14 hours of audio playback, 2.5 hours of fast charging, and a 450mAh battery. You can switch to wired mode and listen to your music nonstop after 20 hours of playback. You don’t have to be concerned about a power outage during your lengthy trip. Selecting Zihnic entitles you to a 12-month guarantee, complete customer satisfaction, and round-the-clock customer support.

Please take note that electrically plugged products are made with US usage in mind. Because outlets and voltage differ between countries, this product will likely require an adapter or converter to be utilized at your destination. Please make sure it is compatible before buying.

Product information

Item details

Model NameWH-816
Included Components保护套
Age Range (Description)Adult
Model NumberWH-816
Unit Count1 Count
Number of Items30


Charging Time2.5 Hours
Battery Life15 Hours

User guide

Recommended Uses For ProductOutdoor, Indoor
Warranty DescriptionExercise, Sports,Travel and Communication
Specific Uses for ProductExercise, Sports, Travel and Communication


Frequency Response20 KHz
Noise ControlSound Isolation


Connectivity TechnologyWireless, Wired
Wireless Communication TechnologyBluetooth
Headphones Jack3.5 mm Jack


Form FactorOver Ear
Ear PlacementOver Ear


ColorRose Gold
ThemeTV Series

Additional details

Item Weight0.3 Milligrams
Special FeatureFoldable,Lightweight
Control TypeVolume Control
Cable FeatureDetachable, Without Cable
Control MethodTouch

User’s Manual

WH-816 Bluetooth Headphone Stereo Headphone

Bluetooth  ZIHNIC Headphones

(1) Product indication

ZIHNIC Headphones

1. MI/6 multi-function button (play/pause, answer/

end calls, reject calls, last number redial)

2. + Volume up (Long Press)/Last song (Short Press)

3. – Volume down (Long Press)/ Next song (Short Press)

4. M Mode switching for BT/MP3/FM

5. Micro SD/TF card slot (32GB)

6. LED indicator

7. Micro USB charging port

8. Microphone

9. Headset jack

10. (Power button

11. 3.5 stereo audio cable

12. Charging cable

(2) Power on/off the headset

• Turn on the power by turning the button to the right. The headset will indicate “Power on, pairing” as the red and blue lights flash alternately.

• Power off: To turn off the blue light indicator, turn the power button to the left.

(3) Link your phone and other Bluetooth devices together.

• Turn on the power by turning the button to the right. The headset will indicate “Power on, pairing” as the red and blue lights flash alternately.

• Turn on your phone’s or other BT devices’ BT features.

• Look for the Bluetooth device and choose WH-816. (If necessary, use the code ‘0000’)

• When pairing is successful, the headset’s blue light indicator begins to flash and reads “Connected.”

• Before pairing, kindly ensure that the headphones are off.

• When turned on, it will automatically connect to the last phone that was paired (please make sure that your phone’s BT function is activated).

• If pairing fails, please turn off your headset before attempting to fix it again.

(4) FM/MP3/

• When in power-on mode, insert the TF card and push the MP3/FM button briefly to hear songs from the card automatically. If there isn’t a TF card, press the MP3/FM button briefly to hear the FM radio play automatically.

• When in power-on mode, listen to the FM radio automatically by briefly pressing the MP3/FM button. To automatically search among all radio stations, short press the MI/6 button. Then, wait a little, then short press or- to start listening to your preferred station. The blue light will blink slowly.

• To switch to BT mode while listening to FM radio, briefly push the MP3/FM button. and automatically linked to other BT devices or your phone.

(5) Accept/reject calls, finish calls, and last Redial the number (in the BT mode)

• Answer/end calls: The Al/C button can be quickly pressed to answer a call. Press the -l/C button to end the call. Pressing the MI/C button is not necessary if the other party hangs up.

• To reject a call, push the HI/C button for two to three seconds.

• To redial the last number, press the quick HI C button twice.

• If music is playing on the BT headphones when the call is placed or answered, the music will instantly cease and go into waiting mode. The music will automatically continue to play when the call ends.

(6) Recharging the headset’s rechargeable battery

• To connect the headphone charging port to a USB port that can handle 5V power (such as an AC/DC USB converter or a PC USB port), use a micro-USB charging cable.

The output of the AC/DC converter needs to be 5V. Otherwise, the headphones could get damaged.

There is a red light on when charging. When the red light is fully charged, it turns off. The headphone requires around two hours to completely charge.

Low battery warning: when the red light flashes and the headphones beep “Du DU.” The headphones must be charged as soon as possible.

Before using: Before using the headphones, please make sure the battery has been fully charged when you receive them.

(7) Headphone function via wire

Connect one end of a 3.5 stereo audio cable to the headphone audio port on any kind of headphone, and the other end to the audio socket on Bluetooth devices (such as a computer, iPad, or cell phone). You’ll hear music coming from another gadget.

(8) Safeguards

1) When using headphones, please use gentleness. The button has a maximum tolerance of 4 kg. Buttons can get damaged by being stroked or by using excessive force.

2) If the USB cable becomes damaged and is unable to charge the headphones, please make sure the USB port is aligned before plugging or pulling the cable.

3) When experiencing interference-like conditions.

Please remove the Bluetooth device that was previously linked to your headphones, restart your phone, and then reconnect the headphones.

4) If the battery is low on voltage and producing charging issues, it is advised to turn off the headset if it has not been used for an extended period.

5) Please avoid placing the headset in a place with high heat.

6) Please refrain from abruptly shaking or vibrating the headset, and do not allow it to fall from a height.

7) Please reset the headset if it is not responding.


• Product model: Headphones WH-816

• Signal-to-noise ratio(S/N):290db

(Gaussian frequency-shift keying)

• Output power:20 mA

• Coverage: 10m

• Impedance:32

• Size of the Speaker:040mn.

• Curren:30 mA

• Voltage:3.7V

• Charging time:2.5h

(The indicator will turn off after fully charged)



Q1: What sets the ZIHNIC WH-816 Bluetooth Headphones apart in terms of sound quality?

A: ZIHNIC WH-816 headphones utilize noise reduction technology, specialized software, and High-Definition Stereo to provide astonishing sound production. This ensures an immersive music experience even at lower volume settings.

Q2: Are the ZIHNIC Headphones comfortable for extended use?

A: Yes, the earmuffs of ZIHNIC Headphones are constructed with synthetic leather for long-lasting comfort. The ergonomic design and incredibly soft memory-protein foam leather ensure optimal comfort, making them suitable for everyday use, sports, and travel.

Q3: How does the “Seamless Bluetooth Connection” feature work on ZIHNIC Headphones?

A: ZIHNIC Headphones offer a reliable and swift Bluetooth connection. Simply slide the on/off button to activate the headphones and put them in ready-to-pair mode. They can connect seamlessly to all devices supporting Bluetooth or a 3.5mm plug cord.

Q4: Can I use ZIHNIC Headphones for hands-free calling?

A: Yes, ZIHNIC Headphones feature a unique noise-reduction technology microphone, allowing you to take calls and communicate hands-free. They are compatible with various phone models, including iPhone X, 8 Plus, Samsung S9, S8, Huawei, Nexus, and Amazon Alexa.

Q5: What is the battery life of ZIHNIC WH-816 Bluetooth Headphones?

A: ZIHNIC WH-816 headphones offer a long battery life, with 14 hours of audio playback and a fast charging time of 2.5 hours. Additionally, they can switch to wired mode for continuous music playback after 20 hours.

Q6: Is there a warranty for ZIHNIC WH-816 Bluetooth Headphones?

A: Yes, ZIHNIC offers a 12-month warranty for the WH-816 Bluetooth Headphones. This warranty reflects their commitment to customer satisfaction and is supported by round-the-clock customer support.

Q7: How should I charge the ZIHNIC WH-816 Bluetooth Headphones?

A: To recharge the headphones, connect the charging port to a USB port that can handle 5V power using a micro-USB charging cable. The red light indicates charging, and it turns off when fully charged, taking approximately two hours.

Q8: Are ZIHNIC WH-816 Bluetooth Headphones compatible with international outlets?

A: ZIHNIC WH-816 headphones are made with US usage in mind. Ensure compatibility with international outlets by using an adapter or converter, as outlets and voltage may differ between countries. Verify compatibility before purchasing.

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