Best monitor stand or arms: Read This Before Use

Best monitor stand or arms

A good Monitor Stand or Arm is one of the best home office upgrades you can make. Monitor arms or Stands not only provide you with more options for moving and positioning your display/s around your desk, but they also free up space on your desk surface for other purposes. They also make your setup look more professional.

It’s critical to get the correct monitor arm the first time around so you feel like you got your money’s worth. To that purpose, I put many well-known Monitor Stand or Arm to the test. Below is a list I compiled, showcasing the winners and those that stuck out the most.

Ergotron LX – Best Monitor Stand or Arm

Best monitor stand or arms

The Ergotron LX is a strong, functional monitor arm or stand that can accommodate most displays. It’s simple to assemble, simple to operate, and visually appealing (when purchased in white or polished aluminum).

The LX is positioned by Ergotron as an entry-level Monitor Stand or Arm, however, the company’s definition of “entry-level” exceeds that of most competitors. The arm is mostly made of metal with some plastic coating and can support monitors weighing up to 25 pounds. Ergotron suggests using displays that are 34 inches broad or less. The monitor Stand or arm is covered by a 10-year warranty.

The arm has a good range of motion, with 13 inches of lift, 75 degrees of tilt, 360 degrees of rotation, and 360 degrees of pan (or swivel). While not as fluid as the Herman Miller Flo, I was able to move the monitor Stand to the left, right, forward, and back without having to rise.

The setup is straightforward. The monitor comes with a clamp and grommet mount. The included Allen wrench handles most of the installation, but you’ll still need a Philips head screwdriver to attach your monitor to the VESA mount. Most owners will be able to install smaller monitors (24 to 27 inches) on their own, but larger displays should be installed with assistance.

Ergotron also has no major problems. Sure, I have a few quibbles. I believe the clamp might be made smaller. The white colorway lacks a color-coordinated VESA mount. The general design of the arm appears to be industrial. Nonetheless, this is a bomb-proof mount.

The Herman Miller Flo is the best upscale monitor Stand Or arm.

Best monitor stand or arms

Want a Monitor Stand or Arm that does its job while still looking good? The Herman Miller Flo is the chair for you.

The Flo’s design distinguishes it from the competition. Herman Miller foregoes the geometric, industrial design of several competitors in favor of a smooth, natural appearance. While built for a corporate office, it also works well in a home office setting, where its warm, approachable appearance helps it blend in. The Flo comes with a 12-year warranty and 24-hour customer service.

It is simple to set up and utilize. The monitor clamp works in the same way as other monitor arms I’ve used, although it’s more sophisticated and takes less screws (a grommet is also available). The VESA mount is also very good, with a simple clip design that is secure and can be readily pre-mounted to a display for easy installation. This mount allows monitors with a slightly recessed mount position, which may present issues with other monitor Stands.

The monitor’s range of adjustment is similar to that of other high-end monitor arms or stands. It has a vertical adjustment range of 13.3 inches, a tilt range of 80 degrees, and a swivel and rotation range of 360 degrees. This is essentially the same as the less costly Ergotron LX. However, Flo’s operation is smoother: I discovered that I could modify the height of a monitor with a gentle shove.

Surprisingly, the Flo has a weight limit of 20 pounds and requires monitors weighing at least 7 pounds to be used. Most monitors fall within this range, however, some heavier models will not work with the Flo.

That’s a lot to expect from a single-monitor arm. The Ergotron LX has comparable characteristics at a significantly lower price. The Flo, on the other hand, is a smoother, more appealing Monitor Stand or Arm that is worth the investment if you want a form with function.

Ergotron HX – The very best heavy-duty monitor arm

Best monitor stand or arms

Given the only minor difference in nomenclature, it’s natural to believe that the Ergotron HX is simply an improved version of the Ergotron LX. That is not correct. This is a completely redesigned monitor Stand that combines larger capacity with enhanced build quality and a more professional appearance.

Let’s start with weight. The Ergotron HX can support monitors weighing up to 42 pounds and having screen sizes up to 49 inches. That’s an extremely high weight limit, and I haven’t seen a single monitor in 2023 that exceeds it. I connected a 32-inch widescreen and a 38-inch ultrawide monitor, which weighed around 15 and 20 pounds, respectively, and the HX handled both with ease.

Plastic is used sparingly and appears to be reserved for small pieces of cladding that appear to be utilized mainly for wire routing. The working portions of the arm feature stronger, sturdier mechanics that felt exceptionally smooth in my use. Ergotron offers a 10-year warranty on the arm.

In comparison to the LX, the monitor’s range of adjustability is somewhat limited. It has a height of 11.5 inches, a tilt of 75 degrees, a swivel of 180 degrees, and a rotation of 360 degrees. However, due to the size of monitors expected to be carried by these stands, a little more limited height adjustment is common in this category.

The remarkable design of the Monitor Stand or Arm also gives it a more substantial appearance. However, for others, the arm may appear a little…much in a home office arrangement.

If you wish to place an ultrawide, super-ultrawide, or large-format widescreen monitor on your desk, the Ergotron HX is a logical solution.

Monoprice Workstream – Best low-cost monitor Stand or arm

Best monitor stand or arms

The Workstream by Monoprice single monitor Stand is a no-frills solution that provides basic monitor arm or Stand capabilities at an affordable price.

Because the Workstream lacks plastic wrapping, the monitor arm has an all-metal structure that feels sturdier than the Ergotron LX. However, the plastic that does exist feels brittle (and I even cracked a small, undetectable, portion while adjusting the monitor).

With 13.2 inches of height and 90 degrees of tilt, swivel, and rotation, it has a broad range of adjustments. The arm’s height and tilt adjustments are comparable to those on our list, but it cannot swivel in a full circle, which may be inconvenient if you frequently move a monitor Stand to share your screen with coworkers.

The Workstream’s limited resources are evident in its tough setup and arduous functioning. For a clamp or grommet mount, users will need to put in numerous screws. Once the arm is in position, more screws may need to be tightened because the preset tension was insufficient for supporting a 32-inch display.

The monitor is rated for 20 pounds by Monoprice, however, I felt the 32-inch monitor (which weighed 15 pounds) pushed the Workstream to its limits. Monoprice also skimps on the warranty, providing only one year of protection.

It’s less capable, less appealing, and more difficult to use than Ergotron’s LX, but it provides a reasonable range of adjustment and robust construction for less than half the price. It’s an excellent solution for individuals on a low budget, as well as those planning to install a compact, light 24-inch or 27-inch monitor.

Ergotron LX Dual Monitor Stand or Arm – The most effective twin monitor arm

Best monitor stand or arms

Two displays are always preferable to one, and monitor arms or Stands are no exception. It’s no surprise that Ergotron’s LX Side-by-Side is our favorite two-monitor arm or stand. The Ergotron LX Side-by-Side combines two LX monitor arms on a single mount. Each arm has the same look, feel, and characteristics as its independent brother.

One exception is monitor size: The arm of the Side-by-Side is only rated for monitors up to 27 inches, but the basic LX is rated for monitors up to 34 inches. The monitor Stands are too short to accommodate two 32-inch or 34-inch monitors side by side. Vertical configurations are also possible, but only if one of the two monitors is small (less than 23 inches diagonal).

The look and feel are largely comparable to the basic Ergotron LX, which is why the twin monitor arm is also recommended. The dual-monitor arms or stand has the same winning combination of build quality, adaptability, and smooth operation as the single-monitor arm, and it comes with the same 10-year warranty. This is a modest savings over purchasing two LX arms separately.

Workstream by Monoprice Dual Monitor Stand or Arm – The best dual monitor arm for the money.

Best monitor stand or arms

The budget model follows the same reasoning as our favorite dual monitor arm, giving Monoprice’s Workstream Dual Monitor Arm or Stand a clear road to victory.

The pricing for the dual arm is much better. The Workstream Dual Monitor costs four times less than the Ergotron LX Side-by-Side Monitor. Ergotron’s alternative is more appealing and user-friendly, but is it four times better? That’s a difficult decision.

The disadvantages of the Workstream are the same as those of the standard model. The build quality is excellent for the price, However, the arm is tough to set up and does not operate as smoothly as it could. I’m also skeptical that the arm can support two 20-pound monitors, as its specifications suggest. Fortunately, 27-inch monitors (the largest this arm can accommodate side by side) often weigh less than 10 pounds, so weight capacity should not be an issue.

Huanuo HNDS12 – Best twin monitor Stands or Arm in the mid-range

Best monitor stand

The Huanuo HNDS12 is a good compromise for buyers looking for quality improvement while staying within their budget.

Each monitor arm or Stand is almost entirely made of metal, with only a small piece of plastic for cable routing. The arm also contains gas springs that can support up to 26 pounds of weight, which is sufficient for 32-inch widescreen and 34-inch ultrawide displays.

A USB hub is a unique feature. There are two USB ports located at the front of the arm base. Each of these will require you to plug them into your computer, which may be a problem if you have a laptop with only a few ports, but it’s a useful feature.

The Huanuo HNDS12, like the HNDS6 (below), requires some effort to set up. It requires the adjustment of two clamps and the installation of approximately a dozen screws. The gas springs also need to be adjusted to deliver less force, at least when used with a 24-inch or 27-inch display.

It has a nice appearance and ample force to handle larger monitors.

What you should look for in a monitor arm

Buying a monitor arm is not like buying other home office supplies. A monitor arm, unlike a monitor, is a substantial, long-lasting piece of equipment that never truly becomes obsolete. It must also offer the precise capabilities you require right out of the box, as upgrades and customization are typically limited.

Range of motion and adjustability

A monitor arm’s range of adjustment and motion is an important but frequently overlooked characteristic. A monitor Stand or arm should be able to adjust for height, tilt, swivel, and pivot without the use of tools.

All of the monitor arms we recommend meet this criterion, but there are minor variances. Only a few monitor arms have a 360-degree swivel, which means the monitor arm’s neck can be rotated to any position. This is useful if your workstation is in the middle of your room because you can utilize the monitor from various angles.

Most low-cost monitor Stands forego adjustment in favor of simple tension mechanisms fastened by a screw. It’s cheap, but once set, it keeps the monitor’s position in place. We advise you to avoid mounts that employ this method.

Installation and adjustability simplicity

None of the monitor arms examined were difficult to install, but there was a noticeable difference between cheap and premium ones. Budget models require more screws to install, and the arm’s adjustment mechanism’s default tension is less likely to be acceptable right out of the box.

The simplicity of adjustment also varies substantially. All of the monitor arms or stands we tested required an Allen wrench to adjust tension (which is required if the arm appears to be too stiff or loose), but some were far more difficult to use than others. The Herman Miller Flo was smooth and effortless, whereas the Monoprice Workstream demanded a lot of torque.

Cable administration

If you appreciate a clean, clutter-free workspace, proper cable management is essential.

This is one area of design that did not improve as prices increased. The cable management on the Herman Miller Flo was simple, whereas the Workstream by Monoprice concealed cables well. However, there was a trade-off: the Flo’s appeared to be the least likely to cause cable bind while moving the monitor.

While cable management is useful, none of the monitor arms I examined can handle the complete complement of cords that might be attached to a high-end USB-C monitor (like the Dell U3223QE). Manufacturers could enhance this feature of monitor arm design.

Maximum supported size and weight

It is critical to choose a monitor arm that can support the monitor you own.

This won’t be a huge worry if you possess a 24-inch or 27-inch monitor, as most such monitors weigh 10 pounds or less. Having said that, it’s a good idea to double-check the monitor’s weight before purchasing a monitor arm. Keep in mind that the weight of the monitor can prevent it from being supported by its stand. Larger monitors, such as 32-inch, 34-inch, and 49-inch models, are more difficult to manage and may necessitate an upgrade to a “heavy-duty” monitor arm or Stand.

Monitor size limits should be respected as well. It could be possible to mount a 40-inch display to a 32-inch monitor arm. The 40-inch monitor may be inside the weight restriction of the arm. A larger display, on the other hand, may distribute weight differently, which may cause an arm’s tension mechanism to fail.

How do we test monitor arms?

Every monitor Stand or arm we recommend has been personally tested at the home or workplace of a PC World contributor. We inspect each arm for quality, ease of installation, and range of adjustment to ensure it meets the manufacturer’s claims. The monitors we use to test weapons change over time, but at least one 27-inch and one 32-inch widescreen monitor are always present. Monitor arms rated for “heavy duty” use were put through their paces with at least one monitor weighing 20 pounds or more.


Q1: Why should I consider a Monitor Stand or Arm for my home office setup?

A: A good Monitor Stand or Arm is a valuable home office upgrade, offering flexibility in positioning your display/s, saving desk space, and enhancing the overall professional look of your setup.

Q2: What is the best entry-level Monitor Stand or Arm available?

A: The Ergotron LX is an excellent entry-level choice. It’s sturdy, easy to assemble, and visually appealing, supporting monitors up to 25 pounds with a range of motion that includes 13 inches of lift, 75 degrees of tilt, and 360 degrees of rotation.

Q3: Which upscale Monitor Stand or Arm combines functionality with a sleek design?

A: The Herman Miller Flo stands out as the best upscale choice. Its sophisticated design, smooth operation, and 12-year warranty make it an ideal blend of form and function.

Q4: What heavy-duty Monitor Stand or Arm is recommended for larger monitors?

A: The Ergotron HX is the top choice for heavy-duty applications, supporting monitors up to 42 pounds and screen sizes up to 49 inches. It offers a 10-year warranty and a redesigned build for enhanced durability.

Q5: Is there a low-cost Monitor Stand or Arm that still provides basic functionality?

A: The Monoprice Workstream single monitor Stand is a budget-friendly option with basic capabilities. While it lacks some features, it offers sturdy all-metal construction at an affordable price.

Q6: What is the best option for a dual monitor setup?

A: The Ergotron LX Dual Monitor Stand is recommended for a dual monitor setup. It combines two LX monitor arms on a single mount, offering the same build quality, flexibility, and a 10-year warranty.

Q7: Is there a budget-friendly dual monitor arm that provides good value?

A: The Workstream by Monoprice Dual Monitor Stand offers a cost-effective solution for dual monitors. While not as refined as premium options, it provides decent functionality at a much lower price.

Q8: What mid-range dual monitor arm provides a balance of quality and affordability?

A: The Huanuo HNDS12 strikes a good balance between quality and affordability. With a metal build, gas springs supporting up to 26 pounds, and a unique USB hub feature, it’s a solid mid-range choice.
Key Considerations when Choosing a Monitor Stand or Arm:
Range of Motion and Adjustability: Ensure the monitor arm offers adjustments for height, tilt, swivel, and pivot without the need for tools.
Installation and Adjustability Simplicity: Consider ease of installation and adjustment. Premium options tend to be easier to set up and provide smoother adjustments.
Cable Management: Look for proper cable management features to keep your workspace organized and clutter-free.
Maximum Supported Size and Weight: Choose a monitor arm that can adequately support your monitor’s size and weight. Heavy-duty options may be necessary for larger displays.
Testing Criteria: Personal testing involves evaluating the quality, ease of installation, and range of adjustment to ensure that the monitor arm meets the manufacturer’s claims.
Remember to align your choice with your specific needs and preferences, considering factors like monitor size, weight, and the desired range of motion for optimal functionality.

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