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The Dell XPS 15 9530, a Windows 10 Professional laptop, features a 15.60-inch display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. Powered by a Core i5 processor and 4GB of RAM, it excels in both professional and gaming realms.

Premium Construction

Crafted with precision from machined aluminum and carbon fiber, the XPS 15 embodies durability and timeless aesthetics.


Equipped with an Nvidia 4070 graphics card, the XPS 15 effortlessly transitions from business tasks to high-end gaming, competing with dedicated gaming systems at a similar price point.

Functional Power Button

Beyond a mere switch, the power button symbolizes Dell’s user-centric approach, serving as a gateway to a seamless computing experience.

Rapid Power On/Off Switch

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Note: Please be aware that the visuals in this guide might vary from those on your computer, depending on the specifications of your order.

To power up your computer, plug in the power adapter and activate the switch on/off button. Furthermore, you have the option to charge your computer by connecting the power adapter to either the Thunderbolt 4 (USB4) Type-C ports or the USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port situated on your computer.

The XPS 15 9530 is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Windows 11 Home, 64-bit
  • Windows 11 Pro, 64-bit

Multiple-Functions Power Button Switch

Power button with fingerprint reader

  • The On/Off button houses the fingerprint reader.
  • To log in using the fingerprint reader, gently place your finger on the switch button.

Turn on the fingerprint button

  1. First of all go to the Main Setting of your Dell XPS 15 9530 Window 11
  2. Then go to Change your Password
  3. Before enabling your fingerprint scanner you have you set a New Password either you set Pin Code or Passcode.
  4. After setting your security, you will see an option for Fingerprint Recognition (Windows Hello) 
  5. Set up → Welcome to Windows Hello, confirm that it’s You
  6. Touch the Fingerprint Sensor button, and set your functional security.

Some Troubleshoot Regarding Laptop

If my Dell XPS won’t turn on, what should I do?

There are seven methods to diagnose a non-turning Dell laptop.

  1. Beeps or strange flashing lights are audible.
  2. Restart your Dell laptop by hard rebooting it.
  3. Examine the power source.
  4. Take a diagnostic exam.
  5. Consider starting Windows Safe Mode.
  6. Either replace the hard disk or reinstall Windows.
  7. Verify whether the display has malfunctioned.

Why won’t my Dell laptop turn on even when it is plugged in?

  1. A loose power cord, a broken power supply, an AC adapter, a power strip (surge protector), or a power cable can all be the cause of power issues.
  2. The computer may not be able to complete the power on self-test (POST) due to improperly installed system memory (RAM), a malfunctioning motherboard, or a malfunctioning component linked to the computer.

How to fix the backlit keyboard of my Dell XPS Laptop?


XPS Devices:

  1. Ensure that you activate the keyboard backlighting option in the BIOS.
  2. When the computer is turned off, press the power button.
  3. Start pressing the F2 key once every second as soon as you can (if Windows loads, restart the machine and try again).

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How can I initiate my Dell laptop when the power button switch is unresponsive?

If the power on your Dell laptop isn’t functioning, you can follow these steps: Attempt the keyboard shortcut—have a key combination to activate the power. Locate a key featuring a power symbol (typically a circle with a line across the top) and simultaneously press it along with the “Fn” key.

Where is the fingerprint sensor on Dell laptop XPS 9530?

A hardware diagnostic test can assist identify hardware-related problems and provide troubleshooting techniques to help resolve them.

How do I pair a Dell device with Bluetooth?

When a Dell peripheral device is in range to be paired via Bluetooth, it will detect it, including the mouse and keyboard. Pair devices wirelessly using Bluetooth. NOTE: The user manual for Dell Pair is applicable to all compatible Dell accessories. Please refer to the product user handbook for information on features unique to the device.

How to take a screenshot on Dell XPS series?

Use these instructions to capture screenshots on a Dell laptop running Windows 11/10. Simply press Prt Sc and the Windows logo key at the same time. By holding down the Volume down button and the Windows logo button at the same time, tablet users can snap screenshots.

Why my Dell’s backlit keyboard isn’t functioning?

If you click the F10 key and nothing happens, you can reset and try again by holding down Fn and pressing Esc while attempting to alter your backlight settings. Every Dell laptop has numerous keyboard light settings. At the very least, you will have three settings: Bright, Dim, and Off.

How to turn on the keyboard light on a Windows 11 Dell laptop XPS?

While holding down the Function key (Fn), tap the appropriate light icon. If you click the F10 key and nothing happens, you can reset and try again by holding down Fn and pressing Esc while attempting to alter your backlight settings. Every Dell laptop has numerous keyboard light settings.

My Dell docking station isn’t working; why is that?

Make sure your laptop has the most recent BIOS, docking station drivers, and drivers installed. Ensure that you set the USB Enabled/Disabled option in your BIOS Setup to Enabled. Verify if Windows Device Manager recognizes the device and loads the appropriate device drivers.

How do I restart my Dell laptop?

To reboot a laptop running Windows software, click the Start button, choose the “Turn Off Computer” option, and then choose between the “Reboot” and “Shut Down” alternatives. Choosing “Reboot” will cause a Dell factory reset and undo all of your previous modifications.

How to unlock the Dell laptop’s scroll lock?

Use the Fn + S keyboard shortcut to toggle Scroll Lock on and off on certain Dell computers.

Why can’t I type on my Dell XPS 15 9530 backlit keyboard laptop?

Restarting can solve a lot of issues, even if it may seem overly simple. Upgrade the drivers for your keyboard. A driver version may occasionally contain a glitch or be incompatible with other programs that you use on your computer. This is easily fixable by updating your drivers.

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