Canon EOS R6 Mirrorless Camera | In-Depth Overview

Canon EOS R6 Product


Discover the revolutionary speed, stability, and technology of the Canon EOS R6, a camera that is redefining creation. Unleash the full potential of your filmmaking abilities by capturing ephemeral moments in breathtaking resolution. With its innovative features, the EOS R6 will make you fall in love with photography all over again. Discover fresh angles, give your visual narrative more nuance, and rediscover your passion for photography.

Features include a brand-new 20-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, a DIGIC X image processor with an ISO range of 100-102400 (expandable to 204800), high-speed continuous shooting at up to 12 frames per second (mechanical shutter) and 20 frames per second (electronic shutter), Dual Pixel CMOS AF with 1,053 AF areas that cover approximately 100% of the image, and deep learning-based advanced subject tracking.


Canon EOS R6 Whats Inside

  • Canon R6 Body
  • Camera Cover R-F-5
  • Strap ER-EOS R6
  • Battery Charger LC-E6E
  • Battery Canon LP-E6NH


Model Name Canon EOS R6
Form Factor Mirrorless
Effective Still Resolution 20 MP
Image Stabilization Sensor-shift
Image Processor DIGIC X
Photo Sensor Size Full Frame (35mm)
Exposure Control Type Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, Auto, Program, Manual
Max Shutter Speed 1/8000 seconds
Min Shutter Speed 1/8000 seconds
Video Recording 4K, Full HD
Number of AF Points 1,053 Automatic AF Zones
Autofocus Dual Pixel CMOS AF II
Mechanical Shutter Cont. shooting up to 12 fps
Electronic (Silent) Shutter Cont. shooting up to 20 fps
Self-Timer Duration 10 sec
Flash Sync Speed             1/250 sec
Color Depth       14 Bits
Weight Approx. 1.5 lbs
Dimensions Approx. 5.45 x 3.84 x 3.48 in.


The Canon EOS R6 produces some really good photos. The photographs have a very appealing tone, and I think the dynamic range of 14.3 stops is more than sufficient.

Canon EOS R6 Image Quality

Color science has long been a specialty of Canon, and the EOS R6 lives up to that reputation. If you value a natural look, I am typically rather satisfied with the files right out of the Canon video camera and they don’t require any processing. The JPEG files are excellent as well, giving off a lovely, sharp, rich appearance.


The Canon EOS R6 performs exceptionally well in terms of speed. It captures 12 frames per second with a mechanical shutter and 20 frames per second with an electronic shutter. I never see Canon camera latency or buffer overflow when using the camera extensively. It writes the material to the SD cards well. It does have two card slots! Below is further information on that.

Overall, using the EOS R6 is quite simple and quick. The touch screen makes adjusting the settings on the back screen quite simple, and all the functions I need are easily accessible. The viewfinder/monitor sensor, which rapidly flips the display from the back screen to the EVF, is the final feature that I like.


Canon EOS R6 Pros Canon EOS R6 Cons
  • Excellent Picture Quality
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Outstanding Autofocus
  • A Strong Dynamic Range
  • Minimalist Menu
  • Excellent Visual Specifications (4k 60)
  • Wider or Heavier Than Substitutes
  • Inadequate Duration of Battery Life
  • Less Resolution Than Possible
  • Pricey Original RF Lenses
  • Unportable in nature

Charging the Canon LP-E6NH Battery

  1. Remove the battery’s protective cover that came with it.
    Canon LP-E6NH Battery 1
  2. Place the Canon Camera Battery into the charger all the way.
    Canon LP-E6NH Battery 2To remove the battery, do the opposite.
  3. Recharge the battery.
    Canon LP-E6NH Battery 3The prongs of the battery charger should be flipped out and inserted into a power outlet as indicated by the arrow.

Canon Camera Battery Charger Precautions

  • Either the day before or the day of use, charge the battery.
    Even while not in use, batteries that have been charged progressively lose their charge.
  • Take out the battery from the camera while not in use.
    Long-term use of the battery in the camera will cause a small amount of power current to be released, which will shorten the battery’s life and cause excess discharge. Keep the protective cover on when storing the battery. The performance of the battery may be lowered if it is stored after it is fully charged.
  • You can use the Canon Camera battery charger abroad as well.
    Power sources ranging from 100 V AC to 240 V AC 50/60 Hz are compatible with the battery charger. Attach a plug adaptor that is available commercially for the relevant nation or area if needed. Avoid connecting to portable voltage transformers to prevent damage.

Resetting the Camera

You can go back to the original settings for the camera’s menu and shooting features.

  1. Select [Canon R6 Video Camera Setting Icon: Reset camera].
    Canon R6 Video Camera Resetting 1
  2. Select an option.
    Canon R6 Video Camera Resetting 2
    • Basic settings
      Restores menu and Canon camera shooting functions to their original configuration.
    • Other settings
      Resetting the settings for specific selected objects is possible.
  3. Clear the settings
    On the confirmation screen, click [OK].

How to Turn on Canon Camera

To turn the Canon camera on/off and get ready for a shot, press the power button.

Canon EOS R6 Turn On


  • CMOS Sensor
    The EOS R6 produces images with exceptional quality thanks to its high-performance 20 MP CMOS image sensor.
  • Image Stabilizer
    In-body image stabilization provides up to 8 stops of shaking correction for steady, smooth imagery.
  • Robust & Reliable
    Its great durability is mostly due to its magnesium-based internal construction and polycarbonate outer body.
  • Precise Autofocus
    With 1,053 AF regions, Dual Pixel CMOS AF II offers almost 100% area coverage, enabling great detail.
  • Advanced Image Processor
    With great speed and economy, DIGIC X powers 4K capture, improves quality, lowers noise, and much more.


Make sure everything is ready before you attach your strap to your Canon Camera. The Canon Strap to Camera has a nylon strap for the shoulders and neck on both ends. Each nylon strap contains a plastic or rubber loop that looks like a little sleeve with a buckle attached to it.

Thread the loose end of the camera strap through the sleeve to unbuckle it. The Canon Camera Strap will still be fastened with the plastic clasp and sleeve.

Canon Strap ER-EOS R6


The introduction of its costlier sibling, the Canon EOS R5, eclipsed the debut of the feature-rich and affordable Canon EOS R6. The R6 is the right choice if you want many Canon EOS R5 capabilities without the high cost and impressive video specifications.

Canon EOS R6 Conclusion

The only things this Canon Camera lacks are inexpensive RF mount lenses and a smaller form factor. I look forward to seeing additional full-frame mirrorless cameras from Canon, as well as more reasonably priced models like the R6 Canon.


What is the effective resolution of the Canon EOS R6?

The R6 Canon boasts a 20-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, delivering high image quality.

How fast is the continuous shooting capability of the EOS R6?

The EOS R6 can achieve high-speed continuous shooting of up to 12 fps with the mechanical shutter and up to 20 fps with the electronic (silent) shutter.

What autofocus system does the R6 Canon feature?

The Canon R6 incorporates Dual Pixel CMOS AF II, covering approximately 100% area with 1,053 AF areas for precise and extensive autofocus coverage.

What is the ISO range of the R6 Canon, and is it expandable?

The EOS R6 offers an ISO range of 100-102400, expandable to 204800, ensuring versatile performance in various lighting conditions.

Does the Canon video camera have in-body image stabilization?

Yes, the R6 Canon features in-body image stabilization, providing up to 8 stops of shake correction for stable photos and videos.

What video recording options are available on the EOS R6?

The Canon R6 supports 4K and Full HD video recording, offering frame rates such as 4K at 60P and Full HD at 120P, with the option of internally recorded 4:2:2 10-bit Canon Log or HDR-PQ recording.

Can you share insights into the Canon R6 camera battery life and charging process?

The Canon video camera uses the Canon LP-E6NH battery. Users should charge the battery either the day before or on the day of use and remove it from the Canon camera during periods of inactivity to preserve charge. The battery can be charged with the provided charger, featuring a simple three-step process. It’s advised to keep the protective cover on when storing the battery to maintain optimal performance.

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