Maximize ASUS graphics card performance with Asus GPU Tweak II manual


Knowing GPU Tweak II

With the help of the ASUS GPU Tweak Il software, you can keep an eye on and adjust your ASUS graphics card’s settings for the best performance. You may rapidly check your preset and personalized profiles, increase the GPU settings for your game-changing delight, or perform some complex GPU tweaking for optimal performance using its two user interfaces, Simple Mode and Professional Mode. The following ASUS-only pre-defined power-saving and gaming modes are included in ASUS GPU Tweak II:

Asus GPU Tweak

System requirements

  • GPUs from AMD’s 7000 Series or above
  • GPU from the NVIDIA 600 Series or above
  • Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 8.1, and 7 in 32- and 64-bit versions

Installing GPU Tweak II

  1. Verify that the ASUS graphics card and its driver are installed. Please consult the user manual of your ASUS GPU for instructions on installing the driver.
  2. To begin the installation, find the ASUS GPU Tweak ll driver folder and double-click the setup.exe file.
  3. To complete the installation, adhere to the on-screen commands.

Launching GPU Tweak II

  • On the desktop, double-click the GPU Tweak icon.Asus GPU Tweak
  • To start the program, choose Start > All Programs > ASUS > GPU Tweak II.

Simple Mode

With Simple Mode, you can quickly check the GPU settings in real-time and adjust some system parameters with Gaming Booster to enjoy some game-changing features.

Asus GPU Tweak

Gaming Booster

With Gaming Booster, you can get a performance advantage that will change the way you play computer games by streamlining and speeding up your system’s performance.

You can use Gaming Booster for the following three (3) purposes:

  • Visual Effects: If you want to boost processor speed, you can disable the Windows® visual effects.
  • System Services: Enables you to disable Windows® services and processes either manually or automatically.
  • System Services setting: Allows you to select which services or processes to end on a manual basis.
  • System Memory defragmentation: This feature allows you to organize and clear system memory without stopping any running applications.

Asus GPU Tweak

Professional Mode

To get the most out of your ASUS graphics cards, configure the GPU settings like a pro.

Asus GPU

Configuring a profile

  1. First, decide the profile you wish to configure.
  2. Choose the GPU setting and enter the desired amount.
  3. Upon completion, select Apply.

Adding a profile

  1. Select the profile name by clicking.Asus GPU Tweak
  2. Decide on the values you want.
  3. Click Asus GPU Tweak to save the profile when finished.

Applying a profile

  • To apply the profile, select it and click Apply.

Deleting a profile

  • To remove a profile, select it and then click.Asus GPU Tweak

Obtaining the Live Update and VGA Details

You may view real-time updates and information about your ASUS VGA card on the Info screen.

NOTE: To receive the Live Update, make sure your computer is online.

Asus GPU Tweak

Launching X Split

Install Split Game caster from GPU Tweak II and run it.

Asus GPU

Utilizing the Settings display

You may adjust the GPU Tweak Il settings, including Main, Tuning Settings, Live Update, and Keyboard Shortcuts, via the Settings panel.


When Graphics Card Tweak II launches, you can choose any of the following from the Main settings:

  • Upon Windows® starting, automatically open Asus Card Tweak Il or its Monitor panel.
  • After it is launched, minimize the GPU Tweak Il or its monitor panel.
  • Turn the window for notifications on or off.

Asus Graphics Card

Tuning Settings

You can apply the GPU Tweak Il settings by choosing one of the following choices from the Tuning Settings:

  • Expand the range for overclocking.
  • Set the preferences when GPU Tweak first launches.

Asus Graphics Card

Live Update

Get alerts from Live Update about the most recent VBIOS and driver updates. Set up and choose the ensuing Live Update options:

  • Select the Update check frequency to receive the Live Update at the desired time.
  • Pick one of the Live Update menu items:
  • Download updates and give me the option to install them or not: To have updates downloaded automatically, select this option, then choose whether to install them manually.
  • Download critical updates, but give me the option to install them or not: Choose this option to have important updates downloaded automatically, then choose whether to install them manually.
  • Notify me of updates, but don’t download or install them automatically: To receive notifications alone, select this option. You may also choose to manually download and install the updates.

Asus Graphics Card

Keyboard Shortcuts

To rapidly display the main panel or make some fast tweaks, turn on or off the keyboard shortcuts.

Asus Graphics Card


What is ASUS GPU Tweak II?

ASUS GPU Tweak II is software that monitors and optimizes ASUS graphics card settings for peak performance, offering both Simple and Professional modes.

What are the system requirements for GPU Tweak II?

GPU Tweak II requires AMD GPUs from the 7000 Series or above, and NVIDIA GPUs from the 600 Series or above, and is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 (32- and 64-bit).

How do I install GPU Tweak II?

Ensure your ASUS graphics card and its driver are installed, locate the GPU Tweak II driver folder, run setup.exe, and follow on-screen instructions.

How do I launch GPU Tweak II?

Double-click the GPU Tweak icon on the desktop or choose Start > All Programs > ASUS > GPU Tweak II to start the program.

What is Gaming Booster in Simple Mode?

Gaming Booster enhances gaming performance by streamlining and speeding up system processes, offering options for visual effects, system services, and system memory defragmentation.

What is Professional Mode in GPU Tweak II?

Professional Mode allows users to configure GPU settings for optimal performance, including creating, adding, and applying profiles.

How can I update VBIOS and drivers with Live Update?

In the Live Update section, set the update check frequency, choose update options (download automatically or manually), and receive alerts for the latest VBIOS and driver updates.

Are there keyboard shortcuts in GPU Tweak II?

Keyboard shortcuts can be enabled to quickly display the main panel or make rapid tweaks for user convenience.

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