The terms and conditions for AORUS and GIGABYTE Warranty


GIGA-BYTE Technology Co., Ltd. (“GIGABYTE”) warrants that the GIGABYTE / AORUS products (the “Product”) are free from defects in workmanship and materials for the applicable warranty period from the date of purchase (see product-specific warranty period data in the chart below), subject to the terms and situations herein. This AORUS and GIGABYTE Warranty is only valid for products listed on our official websites: /; regional variations may apply.

During the warranty period, if the product malfunctions while being used properly and regularly, GIGABYTE may choose to replace or repair it. Using new or reconditioned parts or units, the defective pieces inside the product, or the product itself, will be replaced with working equivalents. Restoration or substitution is contingent upon the initial arrangement.

 Components that have been localized (such as a Korean keyboard) and are serviced outside of the nation of localization will be serviced using components that comply with the country of service. For instance, if you bought your device with a US keyboard and then went to China for maintenance, the US keyboard will be swapped out for a Chinese keyboard. For the duration of the remaining original product warranty period or ninety (90) calendar days following the date of service completion, whichever is longer, parts that have been repaired or replaced are warranted.

When a product’s AORUS and GIGABYTE Warranty is about to expire and repair or replacement is not feasible, GIGABYTE retains the right to provide a partial refund based on the product’s remaining warranty life or an alternative of equal or more value.

Please be aware that warranty terms and durations vary depending on the product and can change depending on the location; for more information, contact our local offices or the stores where the product was first purchased. Please get in touch with our local offices to find out the warranty period for the product you purchased. You may find our service contact details online at

ProductWarranty PeriodKey Warranty Conditions
Motherboards3 years of limited local warrantyThere could be regional variations. Kindly get in touch with the place where the first order was placed. Warranty Periods may vary depending on the area. After registering online, certain models are eligible for an extended warranty. Within a year after the date of purchase, no more than two motherboards of the same model may be registered for an extended warranty under the same account.
Graphics Cards3 years of limited local warranty– This warranty does not cover the software, carry bag, or any other bundled accessories. The battery is not covered by the one-year warranty if it is charged or drained excessively, causing it to lose its maximum capacity. This is regarded as normal wear and tear.
Laptops/ NotebooksNotebook Unit warranty– Verify with the dealer where you bought the laptop the specifics and extent of the warranty servicing. – Look up additional warranty details. – Look up additional warranty details.
Battery1-year warranty from the date of purchase– Depending on the product, 3 5 or 10 years. – The LCD panel (GP-AP1200PM) is covered by a 3-year guarantee.
PeripheralsKeyboards – 2 years Limited Local Warranty– Return every component for service under warranty.
Mice –2 years Limited Local Warranty– Return every component for service under warranty.
Headsets –2 years Limited Local Warranty– Return every component for service under warranty.
Mouse Pads –DOA request within 7 days of purchase
Gaming Chairs-Steel frame: 3 years, Accessories: 1 year
PC ComponentsMemory – Limited lifetime warrantyThe guarantee for GIGABYTE/AORUS RGB Memory is limited to one lifetime. – Only the DOA replacement GIGABYTE AORUS RGB Infused Demo Module (GC-RGB Module) is available. Request a DOA within seven days of the purchase. – For memory modules, GIGABYTE offers a lifetime warranty service. During the product’s lifecycle, maintenance, troubleshooting, and other assistance are provided until the product is officially built and placed on the market.
PSU –GP-AP1200PM, GP-AP850GM, GP-AP750GM, GP-UD1300GM PG5, GP-P1000GM, GP-UD1000GM, GP-UD1000GM PG5; 10 years. Five years: GP-UD850GM, PG5, GP-UD850GM, GP-XP1200M, GP-G750H, GP-B700H, GP-P850GM, GP-P750GM, GP-UD850GM G5. Three-year: GP-P550B, GP-PB500, GP-PW400– Depending on the product, 3 or 5 or 10 years. – The LCD panel (GP-AP1200PM) is covered by a 3-year guarantee.
PC Chassis –AORUS C700/500/300 series, GIGABYTE C200G, two years XC700W, C301G, and C301GW for a year
CPU Cooler –ATC800: 3 years– Three-year warranty on the fan. LED, electronic components, and PCB may all be changed. – Three years for the AORUS WATERFFORCE X and LIQUID COOLER series. Fan, LCD, and pump with a three-year warranty. – Five-year AORUS Waterforce series – Five years of guarantee on fan, pump, and LED. – Fan System – Three years of guarantee for AORUS 120 ARGB and AORUS 140 ARGB fans
SSD-Five years: GIGABYTE M30 SSD series, GIGABYTE M.2 SSD series, VISION DRIVE 1TB & Upgrade Kit, GIGABYTE UD PRO series (GP-UDPRO256G/512G/1TB), and GIGABYTE NVMe SSD series AORUS includes the following series: AORUS RAID SSD, AORUS Gen4 AIC SSD, AORUS RGB AIC NVMe SSD, AORUS Gen4 SSD, AORUS NVMe Gen4 SSD, AORUS Gen4 7000s SSD, AORUS Gen4 7000s Prem. SSD series, AORUS Gen4 5000E SSD series, and AORUS Gen4 7300 HDD series.

Valid Purchase Documentation

A legitimate Proof of Purchase is necessary for any warranty claim. At the sole discretion of GIGABYTE, all receipts and legitimate proofs of purchase are subject to verification.

One of the following describes a legitimate proof of purchase:

◆ A sales receipt dated from a GIGABYTE Dealer or Reseller that is authorized. The product description and price must be displayed on the receipt.

◆ An order number obtained from the website

A few instances of an invalid Proof of Purchase include, but are not restricted to:

◆ The barcode on the box’s UPC

◆ A photo showing the real product.

An Authenticity Certificate.

◆ Acknowledgments from unapproved GIGABYTE vendors.

◆ Receipts from any online auction sites, liquidators or permission houses.

Returned checks.

• Statements from credit cards.

For any reason, including but not limited to the following, GIGABYTE may, in its sole and absolute discretion, decide that any registered product should be amended, transferred, void, or deleted.

◆ A receipt is acquired by unapproved or illicit means, such as buying or obtaining it online or at a live auction.

◳ The receipt is not original, cannot be read, has been tampered with, broken, altered, copied, forged, counterfeited, or contains irregular or incorrect markings.

◆ The receipt is not authenticated or acknowledged as a legitimate receipt from the merchant or retailer;

It was found that the receipt was already entered and used.

◆ The receipt has been uploaded or filed in error or incompletely;

◆ Errors in printing, fabrication, or any other aspect of the receipt

Except for what is specifically mentioned above, GIGABYTE will not be responsible for any void receipts. Printing facilities, recycling centres, and organisations (such as schools or hospitals) do not accept receipts for their collection. To defend itself against any suspicious claims, GIGABYTE retains the right to take any necessary measures, such as debarring a claim and requesting additional identity and information verification from the claimant and qualifying purchases.

When registering the product, you must upload the legitimate purchase receipt. GIGABYTE / AORUS reserves the right to request additional verification of the claimant’s identity and details as well as qualifying purchases, as well as to debar the claim, if the purchase of the receipt is incorrect or invalid, resulting in a failed registration attempt or a dispute over the warranty period on products as they need to be repaired or replaced.

If a product registration is cancelled for whatever reason, no AORUS Points will be awarded. Please read the terms and conditions of the programme for more information about the GIGABYTE AORUS Reward Programme.

The GIGABYTE / AORUS product’s warranty service is effective as of the date of purchase. Customers must present a legitimate receipt or invoice that bears the date of purchase or invoice, and the dealer’s name must be easily identifiable. If there is any doubt as to whether the product qualifies for service coverage under the AORUS and GIGABYTE Warranty or service contract, the customer may be asked to produce a copy of this.

Even if the customer has already registered the goods, GIGABYTE may nevertheless ask for the original sales receipt for the product to confirm the customer’s eligibility for warranty coverage. Whether you register or not, the warranty remains the same. The warranty period will be determined using the product’s serial number and the date of manufacture if the customer is unable to produce legitimate evidence of purchase. The right to examine and approve the duration of warranty servicing is reserved by GIGABYTE / AORUS.

Programme Coverage and Limitations

Unless otherwise specified by GIGABYTE, our guarantee only covers brand-new products that are sold by GIGABYTE through its authorised resellers, dealers, and distributors (referred to as “Suppliers”). It may not apply to products that are purchased as “Used,” “Open-Box,” or “Refurbished.” Extended service warranties and upgrades provided by third parties are not covered by our AORUS and GIGABYTE Warranty; in these situations, please take any claims, requests, or questions to the third-party issuer.

Causes beyond its control, such as flood, fire, typhoon, submersion, earthquakes, liquid spill, neglect, misuse, abuse, acts of any government, explosions, accidents, wars, rebellions, insurrections, sabotage, epidemics, labour disputes, labour strike, or any agency thereof (including denials or onerous restrictions on required export licences), customer induced damage, and any other force majeure event, shall release GIGABYTE from any liability for any failure to perform.

The availability of parts and GIGABYTE’s or its authorised service centre’s capacity to reproduce the issue will determine whether the repair is completed. Sporadic intermittent faults that occur must be reproduced to verify that the fault is associated with the Product and covered by the Programme.

Certain devices used with the Product have technical limitations. These restrictions are not unique to GIGABYTE or AORUS products; rather, they are common or specified norms within the information technology sector. If the product fails or has a problem that cannot be fixed with the then-current technology that is widely utilised in the information technology industry, GIGABYTE will not be held liable.

Any lost or damaged software, data, or other things kept on the Product are not covered by GIGABYTE’s warranty. Customers are highly encouraged by GIGABYTE to keep up a comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery plan.

Generally Excluded

a) Any malfunction brought on by incorrect setup, use, upkeep, or cleaning; unintentional or bodily harm; misuse, abuse, or any other modification; any corrective action implemented by GIGABYTE; or any service centres that are not affiliated with GIGABYTE.

b) There has been damage, alteration, defacement, or removal of the product’s serial number.

c) Damage brought on by viruses or illicit or unlawful software.

d) Accidents, natural disasters, abuse, neglect, inappropriate maintenance, or use under unusual circumstances have all resulted in damage.

e) Extreme environmental conditions, such as high humidity or temperature, intense physical strain or electrical interference, power fluctuations or surges, lightning, static electricity, etc.

f) Damage resulting from using materials or equipment not made by GIGABYTE or not listed in the Qualified Vendor List (QVL) on the GIGABYTE / AORUS website; damage caused by not utilising the AC adapter and battery supplied by the manufacturer.

g) The warranty does not cover changing the BIOS or correcting software errors.

h) The guarantee will no longer apply if there is any evident user damage to the outside.

i) Should the product’s internal manufacture sticker be removed or destroyed, the guarantee would no longer apply.

j) No AORUS and GIGABYTE Warranty warranty or after-sale services will be offered for products without Gigabyte labels or serial numbers, or if the serial number does not match the product or cannot be found. Please get assistance from the original purchase store if maintenance is required.

The product’s warranty will be voided if the original serial number sticker is removed or replaced.

k) The product’s packaging materials, gifts, and consumables are not covered by the guarantee.

Extension of Warranty

For a limited number of products, which are available online at, we offer extended warranty coverage. ONLY PURCHASERS MAY ACCESS THIS SERVICE BY REGISTRATION WITHIN 30 DAYS OF BUYING FROM US OR AN AUTHORISED REVENDOR. To finalise the registration process, a legitimate proof of purchase is needed. An email confirming registration will be sent.

Any unsuccessful product registration resulting from inaccurate or incomplete information entered is not the responsibility of GIGABYTE / AORUS. Should there be a discrepancy between these warranty durations, the warranty period that is the shortest will take effect. Please visit for further information, or get in touch with the local office or the place where the initial purchase was made.

Eternal Guarantee

Defects resulting from normal wear and tear, damage from accidents, misuse, carelessness, fire, liquid contact, or other external causes, damage from disregarding user manual instructions, damage from using another product, damage from unapproved repairs, theft of the product, and removal or alteration of any labels or identification numbers are all excluded from our lifetime warranty.

There will be no lifetime warranty support offered after the products are declared EOL. The availability of specific manufacturing components required to maintain production, the discontinuation of a product by a third-party manufacturer, or the release of a newer product with more sophisticated features and functionality are just a few of the variables that may influence this choice. We will swap out a product that has been designated EOL and verified by GIGABYTE for one that is comparable or equal. GIGABYTE retains the right, at any time and in any way, to alter or discontinue the website and/or any of its interactive elements.

The alternative will also be eligible for lifetime AORUS and GIGABYTE Warranty coverage if we deliver it along with the replacement confirmation. Here, “equivalent product” refers to goods that serve the same purposes. For instance, alternative versions of DDR4/3200MHz/2*8GB RGB memory will be used in its place if DDR4 3200MHz 2*8GB RGB Memory is declared EOL.

Restrictions on Liability

Not even in cases where GIGABYTE / AORUS has been notified or informed of the possibility of such damages, will GIGABYTE / AORUS or its Suppliers be liable to you or any 3rd party for direct, indirect, special, consequential, punitive, incidental, or exemplary damages, costs, expenses, or losses, including properties loss arising out of the use of the Product, including, but not limited to, property damage, loss of value of the Product or any third party products that are used in or with the Product?

Beyond the remedies outlined above, GIGABYTE / AORUS disclaims any liability, including but not limited to liability for lost revenue, and business interruption. Product unavailability, corrupted or compromised data or software, or services rendered. Any damages above the amount you paid for the purchased product are not covered by GIGABYTE / AORUS’s liability or responsibility.

For example, but not limited to, laptops, tablets, cellphones, or other devices; or any loss of data stored in the aforementioned devices, GIGABYTE / AORUS shall not be liable for any damage or destruction of consumer electronics devices or other personal property that is in or linked to the Products.

All of GIGABYTE / AORUS’s and any of its Suppliers’ liability, regardless of the damages you may suffer for any reason at all (including, without limitation, all damages mentioned herein and all direct or general damages in the contract, (including negligence) or otherwise), will be limited to the amount that you paid for the Product.

RMA support

To receive an RMA on a product, you must:

Hold onto the delivery receipt or any other relevant documentation as evidence of delivery.

◳ Ensure that the merchandise is suitably packaged to prevent harm from manipulation and movement while in transit.

For damage resulting from incorrect packaging by the consumer, GIGABYTE/AORUS is not responsible. Additionally, please be aware that products delivered by customers to the RMA centre that are lost in transit are not the responsibility of GIGABYTE/AORUS.

Customers should pursue reimbursement from the third-party logistics provider and/or their shipping insurance in the event of a loss.

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What is covered under the AORUS and GIGABYTE Warranty?

The warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials for GIGABYTE / AORUS products for the applicable warranty period from the date of purchase. This includes the repair or replacement of defective parts or units using new or reconditioned components.

How does GIGABYTE handle warranty claims during the warranty period?

If a product malfunctions during proper and regular use within the warranty period, GIGABYTE may choose to replace or repair it. This process involves using new or reconditioned parts or units to replace the defective components or the entire product.

What happens if components need servicing outside the country of localization?

Components localized for a specific country will be serviced using components compliant with the country of service. For example, if a device with a US keyboard is serviced in China, the US keyboard will be replaced with a Chinese keyboard.

How are repaired or replaced parts warranted?

Parts that have been repaired or replaced are warranted for the remaining original product warranty period or ninety (90) calendar days following the date of service completion, whichever is longer.

What options are available when a product’s warranty is about to expire and repair or replacement is not feasible?

GIGABYTE retains the right to provide a partial refund based on the product’s remaining warranty life or an alternative of equal or greater value.

How can customers find information about warranty terms and durations for specific products?

Warranty terms and durations vary by product and location. Customers should contact local offices or the stores where the product was purchased for specific details. Information is also available on the official websites: /

What is the warranty period for motherboards and graphics cards?

Motherboards and graphics cards typically have a 3-year limited local warranty. However, regional variations may apply, and customers should check with the place of purchase for specific warranty periods.

How does the extended warranty for certain models work?

Certain models are eligible for an extended warranty. Customers can register online within a year after the date of purchase. No more than two motherboards or graphics cards of the same model can be registered for an extended warranty under the same account.

What is the warranty coverage for laptops/notebooks and their batteries?

Warranty details for laptops/notebooks and batteries vary. Customers should verify warranty details with the dealer where the laptop was purchased. Batteries have a 1-year warranty, excluding excessive charging or draining.

How can customers initiate an RMA for GIGABYTE products?

To initiate an RMA, customers must retain the delivery receipt, ensure proper packaging, and contact GIGABYTE customer support. GIGABYTE is not responsible for damage resulting from incorrect packaging by the consumer.

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